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What kinda dork would I be without having an offical Club Charter? Think of it as a rules set. Easy to follow.

First Carter: May 7 2008

1: We shall all respect each other. (With the exception of our normal insults). Players and DM's should expect good burns.
However, if someone asks to drop it, do so immedity with no question why or complaint.

2: The first few minutes of gametime shall be used for catching up. It may have been a week since we've last seen each other.

3: Aftergame, the DM shall give out the XP, and the group shall vote on which game we are to play, to give the DM time to prepare and for players to get in the mood and review their characters.

4: If one cannot make it, please inform another player. Driver and/or John may be best. In anycase, leave a message.
B: Life does come up alot, so we can expect some game misses, however if you expect alot of time to miss before gaming, please let us known. If you show up randomly, and leave for a few games, expect to be dropped out.

5: We love new players. All new players can be invited by any player at any time. (Though a little warning would be fair).

5A:All new players are allowed one game minimal, and a testing period of three games. The first game is to see how the new player gets along. The other two are for gaming skills/getting along. At end trial, the player will be given a vote. Voting will be annoymas. Players shall expect that even other players may not get along, and it would be best not to play. Players shall not maliciously exclude new players, but their votes shall count. Players during test trial do not have voting rights.

6: Voting shall be prompted by a red/white die in a covered tin. Each player gets one white die, and one red die. covering it with hands, shall put one in the voting tin, and the other in non-voting. White is keep the new player, Red is Do NOT want new player. The majority wins. In the event of a tie, the group shall meet without the new player, and decide. A ending verdict must be reached by next game.

7: All players shall bring or help provivde snacks, at least once a month. It doesn't have to be huge. It can be a .99 cent bag of chips. But at least once a month. Offenses: Any physical attack with intent to harm shall be immedity sent outside. While they are not expelled from the game, it will be made in immedite meeting with remainding players if they shall stay. The attacking player may choose to leave at this time. The attacked player, sadily has no say in the meeting. However, it is strongly implied that the attacking player may ether be banned or suspended for a while.

No shows: See article 4. Again, rampant showing up, not showing up with no excuse shall be considered for dropping.

Stealing: Any person, caught deberitly stealing from another player or player home, shall be immedity banned from the game.