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Demongate Non-Player Characters

Love them or hate them, the world has gotten many NPCs! Of course I got such a horrif memory, I can't remember them all. Shawn! Post the notes on every name ya see!

Vargas: A evil sentient sword. He seems to have mastered both magic and swordplay. He loves destruction, and is currently in the body of Adimarchus.

Rose: A beautiful redhead sorcerer/thief. She seems to be playing both Caglistaro and Kethlin. Currently in Waterdeep.

Smacray: Gruumsh chosen and Kethlin's brother. He is the leader of the United Orc Empire. He wears one wing, and is an archer.

Barsus: A 'vampire' cleric of Velshroon suppodelly. He runs a small temple in Skullport. Deafeated, he was forced to retreat. Current wearabouts are unknown.

Taageruul: A old demon lord that has selfbonded to a necklace. Is currently binded to Caglisatro. How long Cag can keep his sanity is anyone's guess.

DarkShock: A insane half-fiend blue dragon. He is the master of Temple of Planes, a place that is connected too all planes. He loves jokes and useless items, but is still deadly.