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We've had alot of people come and go over the years, and in a horrid attempt to honor them, even the bad ones, this is the Club Memeber list of our elite group. Yay me for being total geeky!

Members of the Roleplaying

Charter Members John: The brilliant, and yet often /subtle/ characters of John often leave an expression. Often of Badassness. Matter of fact, his characters has created the word, Badassness. He has brought us characters such as Trokanis Knightblade, Kethlin of the Cresent Moon, and Teagan. John is also both of Player and DM status. His games tend to lean more towards subtle and heroic. He dreams of his characters getting credit for being good. Currently running on Forgotten Realms game, set in his own country.

William 'Driver': William is typically of the DM status, a title that he both loaths and guards with an Iron Fist. His games are crazy wild, often more chaotic and haphazard. However, William loves his players, and often strives to push them to the character limits in terms of sanity. William is of both Player and DM status. He dreams of a Dragonlance or a Ravenloft game. Currently running the most games, often shorted to titles such as Epic Game, Eberron Game, Main Game, Psionic Game and Marvel Game. All of which may not end anytime soon, but William hopes to finish at least three before he starts to ask for Dragonlance game.

Rolled in Members: David: David characters are, unique to say the least. Often of the more sexual status, he does come up with a good one every now and then. His characters tend to be of an aggresive matter, but often is quick to forgive and love. He has brought us characters such as Jester, Najulie, and Yondell. David is of both Player and DM status, however his tends to GM Vampire games more then DND, of which he does perfectly. Currently has Vampire game going, though he cannot make it to Oregon to play.

Randy: A Minor player to the game sadily, we never got to see much of his skills. He did bring us a dark elf sorcerer, and did play alot in the Vampire game. We hope to see him and David show up more to games.

Tom. Tom might have been the first truely experence RP of our group. We have learned alot from him. He tends to play smart people. A subtle evil type. Like Vampires. He has brought us characters such as Cag. He rarely DMs, but does so for fun once in a while.He is of both DM and Player status, with heavy empthats of Player. He dreams of control and character safely.

Shawn: The quietest of the group, yet most loved member. Shawn typicall has advice for anyone. If you can just understand it. He does come up with some kickass characters like Sirius. He has yet to play a Vampire game, but in the Marvel game his favorite character shines free. He dreams of Marvel. Shawn is of Player Status only.

Caitlin:So far she has proven to be very scary and nervewrecking. While still new to the game, she is catching on remarkablly quickly. She has made two characters thus far, one in John Forgotten Realms game and another in William's Marvel game.

Mason Our newest player. So far pretty quiet, but knows the rules fairly well. No suprise in him being drummed!

Fallen Memembers.

Sometimes players come and go. Sometimes they are just kicked out. But they still deserve to be on the game list, out of respect for the game.

Justin: There was no player that could eat a sandwhich as fast as he could. Sadily he decided to stop coming to the game. No big lost. If he was to show up, maybe a small vote, but I'm siding with a no.

*******: This female player has been banned from all future games.

Victoria: As one of the first Token girl players on the game, much was pushed towards her. That, with work, and the current line up the crew, caused her to leave. We hope that maybe someday she can come back.

Adam: Not truely sure what happened. Adam was an... workable... player. However he chose to move to Job Corps suddenly. We're not sure if we want him in if he comes back.

Brian: Never in the history of our gaming, had we had such a player. Well he is firmly banned from all games with us, we can still learn from him, as compared to *******, of whom we never speak off. He made the choice to quit, and quickly agreed that it should be a perment banned, on which is was fullly agreed on.

Vince. Vince brought a whole new meaning to to word DnD nerd. Obese, Smelly, Drank Mountain Dew, Loved Linx. However, he could never agree on how the game should be played. He wanted an hour of hack and slash. The others wanted hours of both fighting and storyline, the story taken over much. Vince left due to gaming difference.