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Campagin History

Savage Tide page

Start Campagin: Ches 12 1375 (Rising Elfkin) John's character has been ambushed at Shadowstore, and brought to the Temple of Purple Flowers, whre he met Shawn's character. Shawn healed John to full health, John said thank you and left. Shawn master, Gerialar Divalean told them that there supposeldly a new thives guild rising, and would like Shawn to find what he can. John overeard the new thieves guild, and decided to Join Shawn quest, for as long as Shawn gives free healing.

They went to the patched parrot. A shady town on dock, along the way John steals 5 pp from a passerby.

John talked to one Shefton Rosk, trying to deduce what he knew. While he was forcoming, it was only what they had guessed. The new thieves guild got its black hands in everything, including the docks and dockmaster. John gives Shefton a PP. Shawn reminded quiet throughout the talk.

Along the way back, a child tries to steal a patch from John's character. John and Shawn gave chase and chased him into a alllyway. The child was already shaking with fear, and John drew his sword and tapped it against the side of his face. A whoosh of light went by, and the two heroes realzed they weren't alone. Their one exit got blocked off by a large cart. John gave a GP to the kid and told him to run, but he was put down by a bolt. The assassins wanted no witness. John then made a sprint, jumped off the boxes near the fence, and hurled onto the side of the left building, pulling himself up. The other assassin tried to shoot Shawn,but it just wasn't a straght shot at all. Shawn decided to jump on the kid, and reach out with the power of Illmater and cure the buy. He could feel the child heartbeat return.

John balanced himself along the rooftips and lunge at the assassin but missed. It took a sop back fired with its's crossbow, it mised, The second assassin, all rready and shoots at Shawn, and it nearly goes through his heart. Shawn thinks its a good idea to drag him and the boy to cover. But first he pleads for Ilmater's blessing, and thus causes Jon to grow twice in size. Jon just smiles down at the assassin. In fear, the asassin backed away, trying to load his crossbow, where John tried to hit but failed. Even though John is 12 feet tall, the first assassin still fails. The other assassin shoots at Shawn, nearly piercing his heart in the process. John kills the first assassin, but falls of the roof. Shawn moves the kid to the wall, and keeps his body over him. The assissin loads and misses John, causing John to cry out "I'm 12 feet tall!!!". John proceeds to walk to walk to the other roof, pull himself up, and stand next to the assassin. Shawn keeps full defense. The asssisin misses yet again, and both he and John swing and miss repeatedly. Finally John kills the assassin. They heal up, and take the assassins gear.

(11 GP, 2 heavy crossbows, 40 bolts, two cloaks, grey). On each assassin they find a tattoo of a dragon holding a lotus flower.

They steal the caravan that blocked them, and along the way they traded it out for another, leaving 3 gp.

Back at the Temple of Purple Flowers, Gerialar is impressed and worried about the Black Hands. (In reality its Lotus Dragons, Black Hands being a lie that Shelfton gave). He promises to tell the Dawn Consel. Shawn heals the kid, a boy named Tavey. John gives him a GP, and tells him he shouldn't steal, that maybe he should work on boats. John goes back to his room at a inn, and Shawn prays to Illmater.

End of adventure. Ches 13 1375 Tom's characater reaches Sasserine after traveling across the sea on a adventure. He buys a fish on a stick for a gp. Its really good. He eventually sees the temple of purple violets, and under the impression of free healing, goes in to get his fleas taken care of. Shawn is running front desk, and offers him a flea bath. Soon the two start drinking water-down wine and talking about the Black Hands. (Lotus Dragons). Soon they hear a yelp, and run out to see a villager who was ripped open by RotGut. (Giant Crab). Shawn cures the man, and asks permission from Gerialar to invistage. Gerilar agrees. The two buy one spear each. The two sneak along Crab River, where they discover that Tom is good at sneaking, while Shawn is good at hiding. They soon come across a logging camp where RotGut is eating a horse. Shawn casts Bless and Enlarge Person on Tom, where he then perpares a spear against a charge. Tom fires a arrow and smacks the crab real good. The crab charges. They both prepare a spear against a charge, where the crab keeps charging. Tom smacks Rotgut real good, but is injured heavly in the counterattack. Shawn tries to hit but fails. Tom runs behind Shawn, and fires arrow but misses. The crab hits the Shawn, but not injuring him. Shawn smacks against the crab but does no damage. Tom hits the crab, but does no damage. The crab this time hurts Shawn heavly. Shawn finally destroys the crab with a mighty hit with his spear. Tom then crabs the meat, making enough food for 5 days. he also finds a silver necklace with a jade jewel. (10 gp). They sell the meat for 100 gp. They also find out had they captured RotGut, they would have made 300 gp, but while people are thankful that rotgut is dead, none are impressed. They retreat to the temple where Tom is healed for free, but Shawn was told it be taken /out/ of his paycheck. End of adventure. +450 xp for Shawn/Tom.